Assistive Technology – Horizon2020 project

OLDES was a EU co-funded project under the IST Programme that intends to offer new technological solutions to improve the quality of life of older people, through the development of a very low cost and easy to use entertainment and health care platform, designed to ease the life of the elderly in their homes. We developed an e-health system concentrating on compensation of diabetic elderly patients. Compensation of diabetes was achieved by monitoring glucose glycemia level, blood pressure and weight. Moreover, the patient feed into the system daily consumption of food using interactive food scales and obtained advice if necessary. – CEE project
on assistive technology

SPES project (Support patients through E-servises solutions) implemented tele-health and entertainment platform in 4 cities: Ferrara, Vienna, Brno and Kosice, focusing on the following diseases dementia, handicapped people, respiratory problems and social exclusion. Within the project, we developed a technological ecosystem for people suffering from dementia in early stages. The main objectives were reminiscence therapy and supporting localization of clients outside home. The first module of the SPES platform was web-based multimedia application that allows to create and view a personal multimedia memorial booklet with any number of sides and individually selected content placed in various available layouts.